Tech Rec Done Right

Purple Squirrel was launched in 2012 with an idea to be different, to value candidates more in the hiring and recruitment process.

Bundles of learning and different iterations later, we are now able to take things to the next level for the businesses we represent and what we believe to be the most important piece of the puzzle, the talented people we work with.

These individuals are why we do what we do, all different, holding common traits of ambition, drive and career focus, the elusive Purple Squirrel we embarked on this journey with in the early days.

We value, clear, transparent communication, as with any big change in life, career moves and hiring can be a very tumultuous process. We would like to work with companies and individuals who share our values.

We are good at:

Immigration recruitment to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Being a Talent Partner for start up’s and growing tech businesses.
Finding awesome people remote work opportunities.